Wow! 24 years feels like 24 days… life is moving really fast and while I’m counting my blessings on this journey, it’s only wise that I visit my archive and pick out a few things I’ve learnt in the last 24 years. There’s quite a lot life has taught but I thought to share just 24 with you because it’s the 24th chapter. So, grab a seat while I share this with you.

  1. Always let people know how you feel about them, they just might not feel the same way, but it’s important they know.
  2. It’s okay to celebrate yourself and your achievements; it’s not bragging.
  3. Practice what you preach.. this is quite explanatory, so no long stories.
  4. Your mental health is as important as your physical health- protect it!
  5. Everyone’s going to hurt you, stick to those who are worth it.
  6. The power to become whatever you want lies within you so put it to use.
  7. Hard work is as important as prayer; back your prayers up with efforts for greater and better results.
  8. Rejection hurts, but it’s always for a great reason because it leaves you stronger.
  9. It’s totally okay to admire someone’s shoes but don’t ever wish you were in them. There’s no shoe that’d fit just like yours.
  10. Ignorance is not bliss, asking is not weakness. Always seek knowledge.
  11. It’s never too late to start.. just do it!
  12. Don’t set deadlines for yourself because eventually, you’ll end up disappointed if things don’t work out.
  13. You’ll hurt people and they’ll hurt you.
  14. You need man as much as you need God so work towards keeping a healthy relationship with people and being at peace with them
  15. .Your mistakes don’t define you so it’s okay to accept them and learn from them.
  16. Don’t believe everything you hear; this will help you a lot in your relationships and friendships.
  17. You’re loved more than you imagine.
  18. Always speak to someone when you feel the need to, it might seem hard but it’d make you feel better.
  19. Not everyone’s going to understand you and that’s fine… owe it to one.
  20. Saying no to family and friends when it comes to business, money, credit issues are difficult but most times it’s one of the most necessary things to do in your life.
  21. Patience is not easy but it pays off eventually.
  22. Be one with your past, forgiveness is good for your healing.
  23. We all have insecurities, some people are just best at covering theirs up… Nobody’s perfect baby!
  24. Whew! we made it to number 24… Regardless of what you do; people will always talk. So live your life for you and no one else.

That’s it guys, I thought to share this few with you and I hope that you were able to grab one or two from this.

Thank you for dropping by; please say a little birthday prayer for me.

Until my next post,


It’s the weekend and you’re trying to rest from a long week but you have grocery shopping to do or a meet up, you’re battling with cramps and getting out bed is quite difficult, let alone dressing up.

Personally, I’m not a fan of looking scruffy (I don’t believe there’s anyone out there that’s a fan of that either). But if I got a dollar for all the times I’ve had to cringe at the way people show up looking not so nice, I’d sure be richer than Dangote.. lol!

We all experience down days when we don’t feel like doing anything at all and because of that, having comfortable outfits at your finger tip is really important. On days like this; Culottes, sneakers, jeggins, crop tops, T shirts, kimonos, jeans and a host of others are perfect for me.

Though, they could be quite tricky because there’s a really thin line between getting it right/wrong and of course I don’t want you to be out there in scruffy jeans and a baggy T shirt. So, in this post I styled a few looks that will leave you looking chic on your down days.

Look 1 – Oversized Top, Jeggins, Sneakers, Scarf and Backpack

This look is effortlessly stylish. I love the soft & stretchy nature of jeggings and how well it fits with an oversized top paired with a matching scarf and pair of sneakers. This can be worn for a hang out, to the mall or even to the movies. I love that I’m not doing too much and I still look and feel cool.

Jeggings – A random store, Oversized Top – Thrift, Sneakers – Adidas, Glasses and backpack – Uyai

Look 2 – Kimono, Tank top, Jean

I live for kimonos any day! They’re so breezy, convenient and everything. I love that you can just throw them on and show up anywhere in them… so, yeah! they’re perfect for down days. I styled this particular print kimono with a white tank top and jean. Notice how I matched the bag with the all white and my slippers with the Kimono?…. I know Fashunnn! (Lol) Did I also mention that glasses are a girl’s best friend on days like this? That’s because I’m too lazy for a make up too.

Kimono – Rayha swish, Jeans – H&M, Bag – Chloe, Slippers – Made in Nigeria

Look 3 – Culottes, Top, Mules

Culottes are soft and really comfortable, They give space for your skin to breath. So if you’re thinking of what to wear on that lazy day, keep your culottes close. I paired mine with this long sleeve top, mules and a vintage scarf. I Love the twist detail on the top too. Less they say, is more!

Culottes – Thrift, Mules – Made in Nigeria, Top – A random store, Bag – Alie Express

Look 4 – T shirt, Jean, Mules

T shirts are comfortable, I like that they don’t have to be so fitted to look great (doesn’t mean they should be so baggy too). Pair a T shirt with a nice jean, and brighten it up with a pair of stiletto mules on a lazy day. A little heel don’t hurt nobody. You can show up for a casual meeting in this. My T shirt is a DIY I did a while back, you can check it out here

T shit – DIY by me, Stiletto Mules – Renaissance By Janet, Jean – ASOS

Look 5 – Bodycon gown, Shirt, Sneakers

Bodycon gowns keep you warm and in shape, though the long ones can limit you from doing stuffs like trekking, hopping on one bus/car to another etc… but if you do agree with me, a lazy day is an uber day because no stress. So, yes! to a bodycon gown paired with a sneakers and shirt. I got the shirt from my mum’s wardrobe so I styled it one shoulder off and tied the front to avoid looking like a two year old in a twenty year old’s dress… lol!

Bodycon gown – Thrift, Shirt – My mum’s wardrobe, Sneakers – Vans

What are your thoughts? will you wear any of this on a lazy day? What’s your style like on a lazy day? I’ll like to know in the comment section.

If you read it to this point, Happy Easter! Have a blessed and lovely celebration.

Until my next post,

Stay Stylish!


Trends as we all know, come and go. There’s a trend for every season and while it’s important to always keep your style on check, it’s also advisable not to jump on every trend.

You really don’t need to hop on every trend to be that fashionable chick. The essence of this post is for you to take what’s on trend and work with which of them fits your style, you should also think of ways to incorporate them into your existing closet. That way, your creative box comes to play and leaves you standing out in style.

Okay! enough of the formal talk…. lol. There’s so many stuff trending in the fashion world now and so I thought to share my favorites with y’all. Grab your notes because you’re about to learn a thing or two.

My favorite trends of the season

Tie-Dye: This is one retro fashion that’s making a come back and I’m really excited because it’s such a creative way to make designs. Aside from the fact that it soothes my style, I also love that it’s a simple DIY to do and can be styled up or down. So, Yes! to this trend. I’ll be hoping on it and also showing you how to make yours (in a blog post) if you’d like to join me.


Animal Prints: Over the years, prints have been in trend and we’ve been minimal with them but this time around, going bold and mixing them with bright colors is a thing. One thing I love about this trend is that animal prints sit perfectly on any skin tone. Another, has to be the fact you can go all dramatic with your prints while keeping your accessories, makeup, e.t.c minimal and still look beautiful.

Animal Prints

Bows: Gone are the days when children’s clothing are the first that comes to mind when you hear bows. I’ve been following up with Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, New York Fashion week, & a host of others and I see them bows making statement on the runways. They give this beautiful detailing and they’re enough to take that outfit from Zero to hundred. So whether it’s a bow on the waist, bust, back or shoulder region… you’re good to go! I’m definitely going to be trying this out to that event. Just invite me… lol.


Exaggerated hats: Did someone say beach time? (Lol) Hats have always been a trend but I love that the fact this time around its all extra. You’ll agree with me that hats are really good statement pieces and they can be paired with any outfit- suit, dress, overalls, and so many others. So i’ll be giving this extra trend a try.

Exaggerated Hats

Sequin: I can’t remember sequin never being a trend, it has always been around. There’s really not much to say about sequin because it’s glittery nature speaks a lot for itself. It’s perfect for all kinds of occasion and style so if you’re thinking of how to show up for that next event, go the sequin way.


Another trend that’s mind blowing right now is matching your outfits with your accessories, it could be with your head wraps or hats. You can even decide to go Gothic with it if you like. For me, this particular trend is a classic and definitely one to catch up with.

Matching accessories with outfits

That’s it guys. I’d like to know what trends are your favorite and which one you’ll be hoping on in the comment section.

I’d also love to see your pictures if you try them out. Please feel free to tag me here

Until my next post,

Hugs and Rayha kisses.

Hello guys, Happy October! ( I hope its not too late… lol)

I can tell y’all missed me, well I missed you even more and that’s why I’m here with some good news. If you’ve gone through my blog before now, you might have noticed that the DIY section was empty. I finally did my first DIY *Drum rolling* and I rocked a skirt again… i’ll be giving my review about that in a post, so expect it.

I got bored with my white T-shirt, I decided to give it a twist and I thought to share with y’all.

Things you’ll need

A T-shirt (any color of your choice)

Spray bottle (with water in it)



UHU Gum (you can use hemming gum too but i prefer UHU, its less stressful)

A handkerchief/piece of fabric

Needle and thread (Optional)

Please watch the video HERE

 Pictures of me in my T-shirt afterwards…

I styled it with my Olive Rayha Swish Skirt, heels and my Christian Dior mini bag.

I wrapped the bag to match my skirt, that’s another DIY on its own… lol

Sitting pretty as always.

Thanks for stopping by, see you in my next post…



Hello darlings,

It’s been a while since I was here and i’m sure you’re wondering why a new blog shouldn’t be having posts often. I’ve been caught up with life; been under the weather, fixing Rayha Swish, paying bills, and stuffs (can i just be a baby again? i’m not about this adult life) I’m working towards putting an end to this bad habit, so there’ll be new blog posts more often.

In my last post here i talked about being on a clothing budget and how i’ll be focusing on skirts as they’re not really my thing (maybe because skirt was the dress code in uni that year). Well, I did give it a try, I was amazed and I said to myself “how do you not even like something you’ve not really tried out?”

The mustard was a fabric I got some months ago to make a body-con gown but for some reasons, I didn’t. Stripes have always been a thing for me as I am a huge fan of it. I have had this Rayha Swish stripped criss cross top laying in my wardrobe for a while now and I’ve been unsure of how to style it.  Amidst my musings and worries, I remembered my lovely mustard and thought to just make a skirt; it should be fun, so I did!

The criss cross top has a peplum and mini ball sleeves details.

Body-con skirts are all over the place, so I decided to give mine a twist by making it not so fitted. I’m a conservative dresser but i just had to give it that side slit.

I paired it with my block heel,  bag and of course my accessories (you can tell i’m a fan of silver and diamonds any day)

Photography by David ker – @davidkerjr on instagram

Outfit from Rayha Swish – @rayhaswish on instagram

Bag – Allie express

Shoes – From a regular shoe store

I think i look good in a skirt after all, i should do this again… Expect another blog about skirts guys.

Until my next post.




Clothes as we all know are essential needs for all of us. We express our sense of style through clothing and they make us look good too! But most times, we find ourselves suffering from impulsive buying… your friend is selling a cloth, you buy!, you’re out to hang and then you suddenly come across a beautiful dress, you buy! just because you have cash on you and you just can’t let it pass you by… and it goes on and on. But have you really ever asked yourself these questions “do I really need this dress?” “If I don’t own this dress, will it make me less fashionable?” “what if I invest this money into something else?”

Lately, I found myself buying clothes almost every week and i thought to ask myself these questions above and to be very honest, my answers were positive  so i came up with the idea of having a budget and i thought to share with you guys why you need your own budget and a few tips on how to make yours.

Why you need a clothing budget

To avoid stacking stuffs you don’t need ; this is quite self explanatory, a good number of times we have a full closet and still end up not having nice stuffs to wear when we should.

Creating a balance between the outfits we own;there are times when we have more jeans than shirts, more scarves than dresses and so many more. Having a budget will enable you figure out the things you need and should have more of.

It gives you a more realistic picture of what you spend on; If you agree with me, there are times when you go shopping and you’ll end up questioning the things you spent your money on… Like how did i just spend #50,000 like that?. (lol) With a clothing budget, you’ll have an idea of the things you need to buy and their prices too.

Consistency; with a  budget, you won’t just jump on every trend. You might be tempted to buy a cloth in every season but you’d be quite self conscious because you’re on a budget.

Tips on making your own budget

Prepare a checklist of the things you have in your closet; this will help you identify the things you have in excess and the things you should focus more on in order to create a balance. Take note of the items you’re always searching for when you have to go out, for example if you’re always in search of tops that’d fit your palazzos better, then work on that.

Do a survey; Look out for brands that stock the kind of outfits you’ll love to buy. Compare the prices and quality, go for the best most affordable one. You can go for brands like Zara, H&M, ASOS, Atmosphere or better still, thrift shop!

Wait for when your favorite brand is doing sales

Dedicate a specific amount to clothing; This should be after you have saved some money from your income. Spend less, save more!

Invest in a good blazer; It’s a good fit for every outfit and trend.

So that’s the little i thought to share with you guys! I make my clothes most times so it’s quite easy for me to be on a budget.

This month, i’ll be focusing more on skirts (they’re really not my thing, but I’m out to give it a try).

I’d like to know what clothing items you’ll be focusing more on this month in the comment section.


Hugs and kisses!

A shirt dress is chic and versatile. You can easily go from work to play with a shirt dress and slay effortlessly. Well, i received a shirt dress as a birthday gift from a friend and i decided to share with y’all how i styled it.

They’re so many ways to style a shirt dress but i styled this particular shirt dress in two ways.

For the first look which is work, i styled it with a pair of white pants, heels and my vintage head wrap. I switched it all up to play with a pair of black jeans, sneakers, and a brighter head wrap to give me that glamorous and playful look.

First look

Second look

The second look was my favorite because i felt more comfortable in it and that’s exactly what fashion should be.

PS: If i told you i wore my jean under the white pants would you even believe? Lol… the things bloggers do sha!

Well that’s it guys, that’s how i styled my shirt dress. Lemme know how you’ll be styling your shirt dress ( tag me on your pictures here ). Tell me what look is your favorite in the comment section.

Pants- H&M

Shoes- Atmosphere

Sneakers- Adidas

Head wraps- Dubai Vendor & Wuse market vendor


See you in my next post.. x

Fashion to me, is an interpretation of style. Most times, we find ourselves buying things we don’t get to use in a long while because we want to jump on every trend.

As a result of this, we leave out the important things we need to spice up our everyday looks. I personally think everyone should have fashion essentials to fall back on when we don’t have what to wear (like we always say!).

In this post, i have decided to share a few of my own fashion essentials. They make dressing up an easy task for me!

Fashion Essentials


A good pair of sun-glass is an essential fashion accessory any day. They give your face this elegant look even when you have no make up on. You’ll need them to protect your eyes from sunlight and spice up your everyday look, and if you’re a shy girl like me, you’ll need them too!

A pair of jean

Is there anything more versatile? there’s literally no closet complete without a pair of jean (my opinion). You can style them with anything and they never go out of style. So yes! to a pair of jean anytime.


Well, i have a thing for kimonos and i like to keep it simple (if you see me 7 times a week, 4 times i have a kimono on… lol) So if you’re like me and you don’t like to stress, just throw on a camisole, jean, & kimono and trust me you’d never go wrong. They’re perfect for jackets too!


You don’t need to be married to wear a ring! They just give your fingers this classy and elegant look. You need a ring to add a touch of glamour to your everyday style.

Knuckle rings are my favorites though and i love how they fit… can you spot my beard shaped ring by the way?! (i’m loyal to the beard gang.. lol)

Little black dress

Completely stunning! It has no competition, sunshine on a rainy day… lol. If you own a little black dress, then you’ll understand that it comes through always and it just fits into every fashion trend.

It’s a must have for every closet.


A brooch can easily transform your outfit from boring to interesting and unique. It’s the best accessory to personalize your outfit with… like if we all owned the same jacket, dress, shirt or whatever, we literally can’t own the same type of brooches.

It’s essential to give you a personal unique touch that makes you stand out. It’s Versatile!

A nice pair of sandal

I can’t overstate how important this one is especially if you like to keep it simple. It’s not every time i like to show up in heels or shoes so this is very essential for me.

That’s it guys! Let me know what your own top fashion essentials are and why.


see you in my next post… xx

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