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Wow! 24 years feels like 24 days… life is moving really fast and while I’m counting my blessings on this journey, it’s only wise that I visit my archive and pick out a few things I’ve learnt in the last 24 years. There’s quite a lot life has taught but I thought to share just 24 with you because it’s the 24th chapter. So, grab a seat while I share this with you.

  1. Always let people know how you feel about them, they just might not feel the same way, but it’s important they know.
  2. It’s okay to celebrate yourself and your achievements; it’s not bragging.
  3. Practice what you preach.. this is quite explanatory, so no long stories.
  4. Your mental health is as important as your physical health- protect it!
  5. Everyone’s going to hurt you, stick to those who are worth it.
  6. The power to become whatever you want lies within you so put it to use.
  7. Hard work is as important as prayer; back your prayers up with efforts for greater and better results.
  8. Rejection hurts, but it’s always for a great reason because it leaves you stronger.
  9. It’s totally okay to admire someone’s shoes but don’t ever wish you were in them. There’s no shoe that’d fit just like yours.
  10. Ignorance is not bliss, asking is not weakness. Always seek knowledge.
  11. It’s never too late to start.. just do it!
  12. Don’t set deadlines for yourself because eventually, you’ll end up disappointed if things don’t work out.
  13. You’ll hurt people and they’ll hurt you.
  14. You need man as much as you need God so work towards keeping a healthy relationship with people and being at peace with them
  15. .Your mistakes don’t define you so it’s okay to accept them and learn from them.
  16. Don’t believe everything you hear; this will help you a lot in your relationships and friendships.
  17. You’re loved more than you imagine.
  18. Always speak to someone when you feel the need to, it might seem hard but it’d make you feel better.
  19. Not everyone’s going to understand you and that’s fine… owe it to one.
  20. Saying no to family and friends when it comes to business, money, credit issues are difficult but most times it’s one of the most necessary things to do in your life.
  21. Patience is not easy but it pays off eventually.
  22. Be one with your past, forgiveness is good for your healing.
  23. We all have insecurities, some people are just best at covering theirs up… Nobody’s perfect baby!
  24. Whew! we made it to number 24… Regardless of what you do; people will always talk. So live your life for you and no one else.

That’s it guys, I thought to share this few with you and I hope that you were able to grab one or two from this.

Thank you for dropping by; please say a little birthday prayer for me.

Until my next post,


“I’ve never heard of a person who gave and helped another without receiving it in a thousand folds”

Hey there!

I can tell you’re wondering what HOPE means in this context and why it’s even a project. Well HOPE here means Having Only Positive Expectations and it’s a project by Queen Uyai (Face of Fashion Africa 2018). She came up with this initiative to give back to the society in her own little way. She aims to empower youths, women, and men through the project too.

Kicking off with three Orphanages in Abuja, Project HOPE had it’s first official outreach visiting the kids in two different orphanages at Lugbe and one at Apo. Whilst visiting, the kids at the orphanage were taught Face painting and Ankara crafts. The team also left them with foodstuffs, clothing and provisions.

The welcoming was so beautiful and warming; I was so delighted to be in their midst! Although, my visit almost got me to a point of questioning so many things (like why will anyone abandon their own child, why do our parents have to leave us and a whole lot more) I cautioned my mind immediately to focus on the goods things only. And i’m just going to say that the people who don’t have the most are the happiest and most content.

Watching the kids pray, was the highlight of my visit. I was so impressed at how these kids are being brought up in the way of God. I couldn’t even get over the respect they all had, and oh! how so brilliant they are. (My ovaries… lol).

I’m grateful to have been a part of this project and i’m also thankful to Queen Uyai for answering this great call and coming up with such an awesome project.

I look forward to doing more of this and I look forward to seeing the kids at the top too! I pray that the Almighty who has brought them to this world will continue to be with them and hold their hands through it all. God bless the entire Project HOPE team.

Spread love always guys.

until my next post.





Clothes as we all know are essential needs for all of us. We express our sense of style through clothing and they make us look good too! But most times, we find ourselves suffering from impulsive buying… your friend is selling a cloth, you buy!, you’re out to hang and then you suddenly come across a beautiful dress, you buy! just because you have cash on you and you just can’t let it pass you by… and it goes on and on. But have you really ever asked yourself these questions “do I really need this dress?” “If I don’t own this dress, will it make me less fashionable?” “what if I invest this money into something else?”

Lately, I found myself buying clothes almost every week and i thought to ask myself these questions above and to be very honest, my answers were positive  so i came up with the idea of having a budget and i thought to share with you guys why you need your own budget and a few tips on how to make yours.

Why you need a clothing budget

To avoid stacking stuffs you don’t need ; this is quite self explanatory, a good number of times we have a full closet and still end up not having nice stuffs to wear when we should.

Creating a balance between the outfits we own;there are times when we have more jeans than shirts, more scarves than dresses and so many more. Having a budget will enable you figure out the things you need and should have more of.

It gives you a more realistic picture of what you spend on; If you agree with me, there are times when you go shopping and you’ll end up questioning the things you spent your money on… Like how did i just spend #50,000 like that?. (lol) With a clothing budget, you’ll have an idea of the things you need to buy and their prices too.

Consistency; with a  budget, you won’t just jump on every trend. You might be tempted to buy a cloth in every season but you’d be quite self conscious because you’re on a budget.

Tips on making your own budget

Prepare a checklist of the things you have in your closet; this will help you identify the things you have in excess and the things you should focus more on in order to create a balance. Take note of the items you’re always searching for when you have to go out, for example if you’re always in search of tops that’d fit your palazzos better, then work on that.

Do a survey; Look out for brands that stock the kind of outfits you’ll love to buy. Compare the prices and quality, go for the best most affordable one. You can go for brands like Zara, H&M, ASOS, Atmosphere or better still, thrift shop!

Wait for when your favorite brand is doing sales

Dedicate a specific amount to clothing; This should be after you have saved some money from your income. Spend less, save more!

Invest in a good blazer; It’s a good fit for every outfit and trend.

So that’s the little i thought to share with you guys! I make my clothes most times so it’s quite easy for me to be on a budget.

This month, i’ll be focusing more on skirts (they’re really not my thing, but I’m out to give it a try).

I’d like to know what clothing items you’ll be focusing more on this month in the comment section.


Hugs and kisses!

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