About Rayha

           I’m thrilled that you stopped by!

Hi and Welcome! I’m Huraira, a creative designer who gets her inspiration from everyday experiences.

Having a fashion and lifestyle blog started from my passion for designs, art and style. I enjoy bringing colors together and styling my friends/family so i decided to put myself out there as an inspiration to people by showcasing my personal style so we can have fun and learn while doing the things we love.

I blog about fashion tricks, tips and trends. I also share style posts to enable people understand that there’s a style for everyone and we shouldn’t jump on every trend just because we can.

My DIY segment is where I share tips and tricks on how to create amazing stuff while saving cost.

I also have a lifestyle section where I post about events and share my experiences on life’s journey generally.

Some of the things I enjoy include; Traveling, Sewing, Sketching, Music and reading. I’m quite scared of heights.

 I love collaborations so feel free to drop me a line here huraira@rayhaxo.com

         I hope you stick around and enjoy your stay as well!

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