They say “Dreams come true” Well, that’s right because I got to tick a thing off my bucket list!

A while ago, my friend (Ozi) and I took a trip to Lagos and we planned to visit the Lekki conservation Centre during our stay. I’m so glad we did!

If you’re a lover of nature you would definitely love the Lekki Conservation Centre. The monkeys, tortoise, crocodiles, peacocks amongst other beautiful creatures roaming around freely are such a sight to behold!

We got there at about 12pm on Sunday and got our tickets (at #1500 for each of us). Afterwards, we were given a tour guide. Our guide prepared our minds for what was ahead, we were told to remove some things from our bags to avoid being hijacked by the monkeys surrounding the wooden bridge.

As we started the walk on the wooden bridge, the monkeys started trooping out to say hi… lol. We took breaks in between our walks to take pictures and make videos. Not so long into the walk, we arrived at the suspended canopy walk.

The real journey begins!…

Immediately I saw the canopy walk, I ran out of breath for a few minutes. It didn’t even end there. When we began climbing, I started screaming for my dear life (like how did these people not tell me the walk was this high? it’s about 22.5 feet above the ground and 401 meters long).
As we progressed, my hands became slippery and my stomach jumped. The Canopy walk has six stages; the first three stages were the ascending stages, The fourth stage was quite leveled and the fifth and sixth stages where the descending stages. Stage four got the best of me, lol… Emotions were running up but the tower house at the end of each stage prepared me for the next. Also, Ozi came with a friend (Nene) and I was in between them throughout the canopy walk, that helped boost my confidence.
The tower house is a good idea for people who want to rest in-between. The fresh air and view from the top was really beautiful to experience. This minute you’re scared, next minute you start to regain your confidence and you find yourself enjoying the experience. The experience is one for the memory books.

L-R… Rayha, Ozi and Nene

The end of the canopy walk leads you to another wooden bridge (different from the wooden bridge which we started the canopy walk from) and this bridge leads you to the family pack; another great site and space to have picnics, family get together, hang out with friends and lots more. We didn’t get to do much at the family pack because our major focus was the canopy walk. Drinks, snacks etc are sold at the family pack tho.

Another thing I liked about the Lekki Conservation Centre was the fact that they had a few educative boards around (I learnt new things).

Oh! Did I mention that the tortoise is aged and so beautiful?!!

Few things to note when going to the Lekki conservation Centre

1. Wear sunscreen.
2. Arrive early, the canopy walk is better done when the weather is not so hot and trust me you don’t want to be on the long queues.
3. Carry a light backpack.
4. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing; sneakers are the best kind of shoes to wear.
5. Ensure your hands are free while on the canopy walkway so you can grip the railings properly.
6. Only six people are allowed to climb the canopy walkway at a time.
7. Have some snacks and water in your backpack.
8. Do not run, jump or seat on the canopy walkway.
9. Go with friends it’s more fun.
10. Keep your fears at home! This will help you enjoy the moment. 

In all, the Lekki Conservation Centre experience was truly amazing and it’s one for the memory books. I am glad I get to tick this off my bucket list.

Was it scary? YES
Was it fun? YES
Was it worth it? YES
Will I do this again? YES

Have you had a canopy walk before? Share your experiences.
If you have been to the Lekki conservation Centre, I would like to know what your experience was in the comments.

Until my next post,

Stay Adventurous,





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