Putting this together and I’m filled with so much joy and gratitude. To think that I wrote a post here at the beginning of the year about doing things at your pace and the year turned out to reveal that there’s not so much we can do at our pace except God wills.

I recall being hard on myself towards the end of last year because I wasn’t in good health and I couldn’t meet up with some of the jobs I had to do but today I’m singing a different song. I’ve come to realize that to be alive is indeed a gift and to be in good health is a plus to that gift. 

As 2020 ends, all I can feel is gratitude! And if I had to describe this year, it would be “An eye opener on several levels.” In that light, I would like to share the few things I learnt this year with you.

  1. Make the most of every moment. It’s no news that 2020 came with different surprises for all of us. This year I learnt to just live in the moment, create memories and just enjoy every bit of living. You don’t have to wait until you’re at a certain place or destination, just find beauty in the moment and appreciate it.
  2. No one owes you anything. Yes! Not your father, not your mother, nor your siblings or friends. You owe it to yourself to grow, be happy, and just generally improve on yourself.
  3. The relationships you keep matter. A good number of jobs that came to me this year were from referrals and my network. I’m not going to act as though I’m so good at keeping or building relationships but I’ve come to realize that meaningful relationships can bring you good fortune. 
  4. Gratitude is a lifestyle. When you’re grateful, it just opens door for greater opportunities.
  5. Eating healthy goes a long way in contributing to a healthy lifestyle. I made it a decision to start eating healthy in 2019 and so far, the result has been amazing.
  6. If you don’t ask, chances are 90% you won’t get. The universe is powerful and I’ve learnt that when you ask, you either get a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’. Whichever way, you’re not going to die so I’ve learnt to just ask away and be optimistic and so far, it’s been great.
  7. Accountability. When you become more accountable for your actions, it helps you align with your purpose. The earlier you accept your flaws and work on them, the better. 
  8. Sow seeds of kindness wherever you go. The world is already a tough place. A lot of people go through things they can’t speak of, your kindness will go a long way in putting smiles on their faces.
  9. Do not attach your happiness to a person, place or material things. You’re the only one that can truly make yourself happy, just search within.
  10. The words you say go yourself are powerful. I’ve seen the results of doing this so speak positive words and watch them manifest. 
  11. Forgive. Life is short! I don’t know who measured it but it is. As we go through life, there are people who will offend us knowingly and unknowingly. While we may decide to keep grudges or cut them off, it is important we forgive them and just move on. I mean, you don’t have to go back to being friends with them or speaking to them but just be sure that you have forgiven them. I’ve come to realize that forgiveness brings peace. 
  12. Money is important, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Regardless of how bad 2020 was, a lot people made money and did so many beautiful things. I’ve tasted and seen that money is important. I know there’s a lot of backend work to be done but please, make your own money.
  13. Be intentional. With your career, your business, your relationships, your love life and everything generally. I’ve learnt that the power to determine the outcome of certain things lies within us.
  14. Stop waiting for a perfect time to start. There’s never a perfect time, just start where you are and with what you have. This year had taught me that we really don’t have time to waste and there’s no such thing as perfect time. 
  15. Save. I’ve always known the importance of saving and all but this year came with more reasons on why we should save. So if you’re reading this, as you’re making that money, please remember to save some!
  16. Not everyone will be happy for your success/achievements and that’s okay. I’ve learnt to journal my successes rather than publicizing them because not everyone really cares.
  17. Patience! Patience!! Patience!!! Everyone has their timing and moves at their own pace so I’ve learnt to be more patient with people and myself.
  18. Never underestimate the power of people. One phone call, one person, one opportunity or one big thing could change your life so don’t look down on anyone.
  19. Do you! People will talk regardless so just be yourself. I’ve learnt this the hard way but it was worth it.
  20. God exists! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, so find God, trust him and hold on to him. 

That’s it, I can’t say these are the only lessons I learnt but I just thought to share these 20 with you. It been a beautiful year regardless of the hurdles here and there. This year, I lost friends who are still alive but I’ve been truly blessed. I’m grateful for all the beautiful memories that I cannot post and excited about the coming year because I know it’s definitely going to be better.

I’d love to learn from you too, so feel free to share all the lessons you learnt in 2020 with me in the comment box. 

Have the Happiest New Year. 

I’ll see you in my 2021 post,




    • Rayha Reply

      It’s good to know you learnt from reading this. And yes! to doing better with saving this year

    • I love you blog and funny thing is I learnt to just do me this year.
      It was a crazy year 2020 but 75% of everything you said is very true.
      Thanks for sharing your experiences

    • I love you blog and funny thing is I learnt to just do me this year.
      It was a crazy year 2020 but 75% of everything you said is very true.
      Thanks for sharing your experiences

      • Rayha Reply

        This means a lot to me, I’m so glad you do! It’s always good to do you because you can’t go wrong in your own lane. Thanks for stopping by!

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