2 years ago, I put my first post out here. I was skeptical; I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t think anyone will take their time to read my post but I hit the publish button anyways. 

To my surprise, I came back to beautiful comments. I was excited, I didn’t know how to act anymore. It felt like I had just written my first book… lol!

In the last 2 years, I have tried to keep it active. I’ve learnt, made mistakes and learnt again. I still fret when I hit the publish button though (well, it’s only natural).

Blogging has brought me several good things. It’s been an avenue for growth and exposure. I’ve been privileged to meet amazing bloggers who have inspired and supported me. I’m grateful for the experience; I’m glad that I’m able to connect with y’all through this little space of mine. Reading your comments gives me reasons to carry on and that’s why I’m still here doing this regardless of the hurdles. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from you through your comments. Please, don’t stop. 

I look forward to doing more with you and for you. I look forward to creating a community with you. So help me God. 

Here’s to many more. 

Thanks for sticking around,




  1. AnthonyofAntoine Reply

    Your writing has continually brought inspiration for people like me. It inspired me to start up my own shoe blog some months ago. The most beautiful thing was that whenever I put up a post you would always read and share. God bless you Rayha! Keep the flag flying!

    • Rayha Reply

      Awww 🥰 I’m glad to hear this. You’re doing well with your blog and business, keep it up. Thank you for constantly reading my blog, I’m grateful for your support.

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