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It’s the final episode of “Finding Your Style” and I’m so glad to be on this episode. In the previous episodes, we had several creatives sharing their journey with us. 

In this episode, yours truly will be sharing her style journey with you and just like we’ve done previously, I’d love to introduce myself to you. My name is Huraira Abdul and I own www.rayhaxo.com. It’s no news that I’m a fashion enthusiast; I own a womenswear fashion brand here and I do Fashion modeling (sometimes). Okay this feels weird, kindly read more about me here. Thank you. 

Style to me is an expression of my thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is how I want to be seen, felt and addressed. 

When it comes to style, it’s the little details that does it for me. I love to make a statement while keeping it simple. 

How I found my style

I’ll date the journey to finding my style back to my childhood days. As a child, I enjoyed the idea of dressing myself. In my eyes no one could get it right when it comes to dressing me, not even my mum… lol. 

As I grew older, I became more aware of myself. I took note of my body type, my size, what I was comfortable in and what I enjoyed wearing the most. As a petite framed lady, I realized that not everything works for me and that’s fine. For example, you’ll hardly find me wearing skirts; not because they’re not beautiful, but because I don’t feel comfortable and they don’t compliment my body type. ( I try to make it work here sometimes tho)

I love the idea of colors, prints and patterns as well. I love that I can make statements with them. Presentation also matters to me, I love to look smart and sharp. 

How I Stay True To My Style

Avoid Following Trends: While it’s okay to stay stylish in every season, it’s not okay to be a person of trends. Trends come and go! Being a person of trends comes with a lot of disadvantages, you’ll end up being a person that owns fashionable items that they can’t use… lol! So if you ask me, I’ll say; I always find a way to incorporate trends into my style without altering it. 

Being Confident in Myself : You already know that overconfidence is not a good thing! (Well, if you didn’t know before, now you do) With the right amount of confidence, you’ll own your style any day, anytime and anywhere regardless of what people will think or say. 

Constantly Remind Myself of My Awesomeness and Uniqueness: You’re doing just fine and as long as you’re comfortable and powerful in what you wear, you’re good. Don’t bring yourself into thinking otherwise.

Tips on finding your personal style 

Study Yourself: You need to take time to understand who you are. Your personality plays a great factor in finding your style. Discover what works for you. Everything is not for everyone and that’s totally fine. 

Be Open Minded: Do not confine yourself into a box. It’s okay to explore different styles before finding what works perfectly for you. There’s a style for everyone. 

Be attentive: Take note of the things that catch your attention when you go shopping. Take note of your body type and the kind of fashion items you find yourself fantasizing about the most. This will help you greatly. 

Copy like a pro: We all have role models, Fashion icons etc and while it’s okay to be inspired by them, it’s not okay to do exactly like them because they’re not you and you’re not them (It’s as simple as that). Take necessary notes from them and incorporate into your own lifestyle. This will give your own uniqueness.

Whew!!! Everything that has a beginning, has an end and I’m glad to say that finding your style episodes has come to a beautiful end. 

I’m grateful to all the bloggers who collaborated with me on these episodes. I’m grateful to you; my amazing readers. Thank you for staying around through my inconsistencies. It’s been from Episode 16 and I couldn’t have gotten here without y’all. 

I hope that you’ve been inspired by at least 2-3 episodes (if not all) and I look forward to doing more with you and for you. 

Until my next post,





  1. Oliver Diamond Reply

    Very beautiful piece; I read every episode
    Please don’t stop, you changed the way I think about certain things.
    Thank you.

    • Rayha Reply

      I’m glad to know that this was helpful to you. Thank you for stopping by!

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