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Yes! Fashionistas because if you’ve been following the episodes from the very first to this point, I rate you.
Welcome back to ‘Finding your style’ episodes, I hope that y’all are safe and not going anywhere? I know the lockdown has been relaxed in some places but the numbers are still sky rocketing so please if it’s not necessary stay home. I trust that this will pass.

On Today’s episode, We have Deborah; an Uber stylish blogger sharing her ‘Finding your style’ journey with us. She’s a lifestyle blogger at www.debwritesblog.com and also the founder of debs clothier; an Afrocentric Interior design brand. You can find them here

This particular episode is a little different, I like that she gave it a unique approach by teaching us through her post. Well, at this point, I’ll let you find out more yourself. I’ll see you at the end.

Style for me is a way of expressing myself. So when I’m unhappy, it’s easy for you to tell in how I look. When I’m the most excited in the room, you can also tell. Before becoming a style blogger, I just love to play dress up and wearing whatever makes me comfortable and stylish. 

I love when I walk into a room and everyone turns to stare (cover eyes), don’t judge me, it’s just how I have come to be. I’m not really one to jump on trends, I just pick my style and stick to it. I’d describe my style as a bit of classic, glam and edgy/flirty.

Unsure what your style it, ask yourself what you always look out for to buy more when shopping or when you look through your closet. 

Below are a few style options and any of this can give you an idea of what your personal style is. If you see yourself tending towards wearing more of any of this, then that’s what your style is.

Types of style

However, to be more definitive, look through your closet and put together pieces you wear more and de clutter the ones you wear less. The ones you wear more can help you define your personal style and guide you more when shopping for pieces. 

In a world of trends, it’s easy to want to fit in and try to dress like others but first ask yourself, ‘Is this my style?’ If the answer is no and you attempt it, you may end up not getting it right. And this will definitely make you feel uncomfortable and discomfort is bad for style. So just do you, and rather, find a way to make your own statement and trend in your personal style.

Okayyyyyy! Rayha here… Lol. I really did enjoy reading this, and boy must I say her style is impeccable. I love how she infuses colors into her style.

Thanks for stopping by guys. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comment box as you already know your feedback is important to me.

I’ll see you in the next episode,

stay safe,




    • Rayha Reply

      Thank you! I admire her boldness with colors, it’s inspiring.

  1. Beautiful ❤️. My style preference is what’s comfortable and beautiful on me. I wouldn’t go with a trend that doesn’t suit me. Thanks for schooling us on this!

    • Rayha Reply

      That’s interesting. I love that you won’t go with what doesn’t suit you 👌 I’m glad that you found this helpful

    • Rayha Reply

      You’re welcome! It felt good to have you on this, I look forward to more.

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