Whew! We’re halfway already? How did we get here so fast??
Well, welcome back to the Episodes on ‘Finding your style’. I’m particularly excited about this episode because it’s a little different from the previous episodes. If you missed the previous episodes, you can find them here and here.
In this episode, we’ll be having a guy tell us about his style. I meant it when I said I had my male readers in mind… So, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Abi Gideon Joheobe is the Chief Costumier at PageantCityNg, he is also a commercial Model and a style enthusiast. For him, dressing up started quite early as his mother was into clothing business. He started… errrrmmm, you know what? I’d let you find out yourself in his post. I’ll see you at the end.

Style to me is a reflection of fashion fused with Personality”.

Well, finding your style is finding some way to communicate your personality through fashion,  look for something you will always feel good in when you wear to whatever function or any situation.

Growing up, I became comfortable with the”corporate way ” of dressing. Becoming more mature, I had to tap into my innate divine nature and allow it to be expressed through the way I dress.

How I found my style: My style was derived particularly from my background, my mum had a mental picture of how she wanted her kids to look, then she used to deal on children clothing..

Finding my style was quite easy I must say, although I have tried on several styles in the past until I found the exact one that really interprets me in the way that I want to.

I figured that I love my body/ skin, I saw it as the sun in all its glow and beam. Now considering that, have you ever tried to look at the reflection and view you get from putting a net or any transparent fabric with any design up at the sun. Or when you put up anything that glitters into the sun,  be it sequins, ruby, diamond etc. 

That’s exactly why I chose to live through anything transparent and shiny, be it; tulle,  organza,  nets, laces and then sequins, damask,  glitter etc. Because always want to see my skin or atleast a part of it, or my body and I want the world to see me as someone who appreciates his skin irrespective.

Staying true to my style: This simply means staying true to me, although as trends come and go, I Infuse that which could blend into my style. My style is bold, simple, comfortable, Unapologetic and a little bit daring.

Style to me is not naturally about fashion and trend or whatnot, it’s more about myself, my image and how I’d like to be addressed or even perceived. Style is me, myself, introducing myself without having to say a word, now I cannot control how people would choose to interpret my style, but the fact still remains that my style is my own.

Staying true to your style is a personal choice, most times new trends might come up and you want to belong, rather than giving in to the trend, why not merge it with your signature style and create something fantastic out of it, thereby following trend and still maintaining your style. 

Guys out there can find their style by: 

  • knowing what form of dressing they’re comfortable in
  • understanding their personality
  • Understanding their kind of occupation

Your style is really what you make of it.

Daily I get different inspirations on what to wear and how to style it. Styling for me is not about wearing a tuxedo or an agbada I consider that “fashionable” styling is those extra details, the extra pieces and also the extra drama you put into the outfit that makes it an unusual piece. Trends has absolutely nothing to do with styling, a person who has a good sense of style can wear an outfit that is considered out of fashion and still pull it off. 

Finding your style should be about what you love, what inspires you and what excites you. 

Do not be afraid to play with colors, patterns and stripes. Just be you and be creative.

Rayha signing in here… lol! Hope you had a good read guys? I must say that Gideon’s style is Top notch. I met him sometime last year and I’ve since been drawn to his style and charisma. I love that he ended my saying “Do not be aftraid to play with colors, patterns and stripes.”
So my dear men that believe color is strictly a feminine thing can you see that Gideon isn’t dead from wearing colors?? Lol! please dears don’t be scared to play around colors and patterns… I do hope that this post inspires someone out there to let their alter ego out!

Until the next Episode,

hugs and kisses,




  1. Everytime I read through this piece either on my phone or on your blog it gives me new imaginations; super thanks for this Fam, trust me it’s all shades of awesomeness. Keep the good work up.

    • Rayha Reply

      Thank you! Thank you for coming on this with me. I’m glad that you like it.. you did so well

    • I mean I’ve read all the episodes but I’ve learnt more from this guy than the ladies. I feel this is why guys make the best stylists. There is nothing like a guy who is ready to risk it when it comes to styling himself. I absolutely love his definition of style and I’m pleased I read this 😘. Thanks for this amazing piece!

      • Rayha Reply

        I’m glad you love it and you learnt too. And as for guys being a better stylist… we’d live to have this debate someday. Lol!

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