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Happy New Month! I trust you’re good and still staying safe. It feels good to be here again. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice that I started an episode on Finding your style recently. Well if you haven’t, you can find the first episode here.

Today on the second episode, we have another beautiful creative telling us about her style and how she’s been able to build a brand around it. Can we meet her already? Yes!
Have a good read, I’ll see you at the end of this post.

Shalom Scarlet is a Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger at  rigaonlinne.wordpress.com and here’s what she has to say about ‘Finding her style’

“Style to me is comfort and chic. At the same time, I wouldn’t really overly expose my body in the process of being stylish” 

I would say that I feel most stylish in outfits that sit well on my body without much stress and discomfort. This is my mindset when I try to get ready for a day or pick out looks I consider stylish. 

How I found my style: I guess I’ll say that I discovered my style quite early as a teenager, and Over the years have just built on that and made it better in ways that I feel most beautiful. I generally settle for  looks that adorn my body in the most appealing and comfortable way. So I’ll normally go for something longer and more fitting as opposed to loose fitting wears. I like clothes, skirts or pants that accentuate my figure and  are still morally appealing .

How I stay true to my style: Basically, in a world where trends come up frequently, I try to just stay true to my moral values and preference. So even if I have to hop on trend and wear certain things, I’ll still have to figure out ways in which I can incorporate them ie the looks into my personal style and taste. As a result be more comfortable wearing them. 

Most recently, with working and the launch of my female wears brand (@_shop.riga on Instagram), my style is evolving more into corporate chic. I like pieces that allow me to restyle for day time and night time and still be comfortable without losing my fashion/style essence.

Did you enjoy reading this? Well I did and I look forwarding to sharing the next episode with y’all in my next post.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box.

See you in the next episode!




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  2. I really enjoyed it… It simply means for me to be true to what I love and make it more stylish..
    Thank you @rayhaxo … Am enjoying this

    • Rayha Reply

      Exactly! You’re welcome.. I’m grateful to the creatives that collaborated with me on this

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