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Earlier this month, I carried out a survey; the essence was to find out how well people understood themselves when it comes to their style. Apparently, a good number of people do not really know/understand their style and so I thought to collaborate with a few like minds (bloggers) to share their journey to discovering their style and staying to it. I decided to do this because having studied the trends on social media and the world generally, I realized that so many people just want to rock the next new fashion that’s out and while that is cool, I also believe that it’s great to set your trend and own it!

Time to cut the long story short! On the First Episode of Finding your style, We have a personal style blogger telling us about her style. When it comes to style she’s actually one of the people that inspires me, I’ve followed her blog and social media for a while; even before I started blogging… okay, at this point, I’m just going to let you meet her. I hope you pick one or two things from her. Have a good read guys!

Hi everyone, my name is Grace Gigi and I am a personal style blogger at https://epiphany29.com/, a women’s wear tailor and a content creator. 

To me, Style is personality. It’s a reflection of who I am, the lifestyle I live and my expressions/moods. It’s saying ‘this is me’ without the words. Style is simply identity, a sense of self. 

How I found my style:- well first of I’m a reserved and conservative person and due to this personality trait, I’ve always been drawn to items that aren’t too revealing but are comfortable, stylish and represent my personality. And as a child at heart, I am drawn to animated, quirky pieces that make a statement in a subtle way if you know what I mean.

I’ve always been comfortable in free comfortable clothing and when it comes to colors I tend to do a lot of Black and neutrals. I love expressions and inscriptions and I wear a lot of tees so I figured, why not put them together. That’s why and how I own over 30 tees with funny, witty inscriptions on them (mainly in black 😄). 

Fun fact:- I make my tees and I also run it as a side gig as well. 

How I stay true to my style: I’d like to say that when you’ve found your style, you’d stay true to it easily. You’re not easily swayed by what’s new & trending. 

Finding your style means you’ve found what you’re comfortable in, what fits your body type, colors that look good on your skin tone. It means you’ve found what your identity is and if trends easily influence your style, then you’d know you’ve not found your true personal style.

For me, I always find ways to incorporate my style into the trends I find interesting. Like when the boyfriend jeans started trending all over again, it was easy for me to jump on it cos they go so well with tees and sneaks and are super comfortable and stylish too. When people started wearing wrap skirts, I liked them and yes I still paired them with my tees. You just have to find a way to incorporate your style with the trend you like that’s if you must jump on it. Basically, when it comes to trends, I find the ones that I can fine tune to fit me and my personal style. That way I’m staying true to myself and my style. 

Tips for finding your personal style- You first of all have to be true to yourself and accept that not everything out there is for you. 

Your personality also plays a major role in finding your personal style. Are you conservative or outgoing?

Do you feel comfortable in daring colors, cuts & patterns, do the things you like flatter you body?

When you walk into a store, what kind of items are you drawn to? 

Do these items reflect who you are, your pets and moods? 

These are some major things to consider when trying to find your personal style.

I hope this post helps someone out there who has been wondering how he/she can find their personal style. 

Truth is fashion is everywhere but style is personal. 

Until the next episode,

Remain stylish!




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  3. This is a beautiful post.. I am a jeans and tee lover but I started getting this weird vibe lately that as a lady am not supposed to wearing such.. But thanks to you.. I will continue with what I love and make it more stylish..

    • Rayha Reply

      Don’t let people or society define your style for you. I’d advice you stick to whatever defines your style ❤️

  4. Wow, I really learnt a lot from this post- all I used to care about in my style was it just being boujee.

    • Rayha Reply

      Awwww… I’m glad you learnt from it. It okay to add a little spice to your boujee.

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