“The aroma of bouquet, variety of chocolates and collection of perfumes are beginning to fill up the mall shelves and oh! How can I forget the teddies adding beautiful colors to the shelves. Little ol girl is confused and man dem can’t seem to make a decision”

Hey there! 

I know you’re quite stuck between what to get and what not to get for that somebody. Well, I come in Peace to share with you a few things to consider before swiping that card. Perhaps, you a get a thing or two from this, so… grab a seat, some waffles and read along.

I’d just go straight to sharing them

  1. Their Love Language; Thanks to Gary Chapman, our love languages have been simplified to five. Understanding your partner’s love language is important in every relationship and it’s really a thing to consider while getting gifts because we all are different. Trust me you don’t want to spend a whole lot of cash getting gifts for someone who would rather read a long ass epistle of your feelings for them. So seek to find out and act accordingly.
  2. Usefulness; Another thing to check is the context of the gift you’re giving out. Be sure that this won’t be an addition to a bunch of those things they never get to use. I mean you won’t want to get a tie set for a guy whose everyday style is a Kaftan or a pair of diamond earrings for a lady who’s Faith is clearly deeper life. Am I communicating??! 
  3. The Numbers don’t count; Yes! I said what I said. It’s never about how many gifts you buy. If you’re thinking of getting as many gifts just so that box is full, plix dear, DON’T! Quality always wins! 
  4. Make it Custom; Well if you’d agree with me, there’s this feeling of excitement that comes with knowing that a thing was made specially for you and you’re the only one that’d get to own it. Tbh, all these stuff on the shelves are beginning to look like each other so I’d advice that you get a custom of whatever it is for him/her if you can.
  5. It’s not about You; Most times when we want to gift people, we tend to pick what we like not what they’d actually like. Trust me when I was say I’ve been in this particular shoes and guess what??? I played myself! So communicate, keep their personality in mind, keep the assumptions away and make it about them cuz that’s what it is.
  6. The State of your relationship; I don’t meant to say long stories here but my brother, my sister.. you just started dating 2 days or a week to valentine and you want to impress with gifts??? Calm down! Be focused on creating a healthy relationship, the gifts can come later.. but if you feel the need to really gift him/her, who are me to stop you??? Continue!

Lastly and most importantly, I’d like you to note that it’s totally okay to not gift him/her anything if you’re unsure of what to get. Remember that the memories you create together and the time you spend with each other counts more than the material things. So, give them your TIME. 

If you read this to this point, I love you and Happy Valentine! If you want me to, I’d be glad to help you with gift ideas here

I’ll be spending valentine in bed, sipping a really nice smoothie and working. I’d love to know how you’re spending your valentine. Tell me in the comment box.

Until my Next post 

Rayha hugs and Kisses! 



  1. Thanks for this tbh you gave pretty sound advice. I hope everyone reading takes it.

  2. Its the most beautiful and educative blog post on Valentine I have read.. Thank you..

    • Rayha Reply

      I’m glad that it was helpful to you, thanks for stopping by.

  3. That state of your relationship part got me. It is not just about getting a gift, t is also about the expectation. I think that if the relationship is still as young as two weeks, it is too early to expect anything. But like you mentioned, if you don’t mind getting me a gift that early, who am I to stop you? *laughs*

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