“2020 is my year, I must make it! This year we’re breaking boundaries, it’s a win win or nothing, they’re not even ready, vision 2020 yen yen yen” these were the words that landed your woman crush on the sick bed in the first week of January.

Hey there!
I know at this point you’re feeling indifferent about that write up en-quote up there and that’s totally fine because I’m sure we all had/still have one or two of these words on our lips. Just before I spill it all out, I’d like to say Happy new year and welcome back to my blog. If it’s your first time here, I’m totally glad to have you here and I do hope you stick around.

2019 was a really amazing year for me; there were a few bad days but it did end on a good note and so I walked into 2020 with the energy of “everything must work” I even created a hashtag #Thegoalyear (if you follow my social media here you must have seen it) little did I know that I’d soon be laying helpless. On Friday, I returned from the market in high spirit. I had gone to buy fabrics hoping to come back and get back to work because baby girl must not disappoint her clients. A few hours later, my body started to speak a different language, it was no longer responding to me but little ol me was still trying to redirect it, I was trying to be strong but guess what?…. I crashed (I’m not even talking sleep) I was helpless! At that point, I was forced to take the long needed rest I deserved. I ended up disappointing the people I didn’t want to, I ended up not achieving the goals I had set for that week. I realized all these happened because I had put so much pressure on achieving my goals and perfecting new beginnings without even giving myself breaks but guess what? I’ve come to realize that the people who said “all work and not play makes jack a dull boy” were not foolish after all. I’ve learnt to forgive myself and take necessary precautions. I’ve come to understand that you have to find a routine that works for you and stick to it.

I’m not in your head but you’re probably thinking “Who asked her all this story” (Lol!). Well, I just thought to share this because I feel there’s someone out there struggling to achieve those goals, I know you’re pinching yourself so hard to win, you’re putting in so much effort and that’s fine but trust me when I say it’s okay to slow down, it’s totally okay! You don’t have to do everything in the first days of the year. My best girl says “No Pressure 2020” and I’m definitely working with that. At this point, I’m beginning to sound like a motivational speaker and you’re bored already. But just before I leave here’s a few things to keep you on track;

  • Move at your pace; It’s better done right than fast.
  • Pay attention to yourself; sometimes we get too caught up in the struggle and we forget to listen to what our mind is telling us.
  • Rest, rest and rest again!
  • Give yourself a pep talk from time to time.
  • Meditate! I recently started doing this and it’s been helpful (calm & Headspace are great apps to try for meditation).
  • Learn to forgive yourself, it’s okay if you didn’t get it today. Tomorrow is another opportunity to try again.
  • Do a regular check up, sometimes these things pile up and hit us at once.
  • Always speak to someone, it’d help you feel better about whatever it is you’re going through.

And lastly guys, it’s still #TheGoalYear! Be intentional, make a plan, be kind to yourself.

I’d love to know what experiences you’ve had since the new year, I’ll be in the comment box waiting.

Until my next post,





  1. Thanks for sharing these tips dear. Hope you’re better now? This year we smash goals and then we REST!!

    • Rayha Reply

      You’re welcome! I feel a lot better now and yes to smashing the goals and resting ❤️

  2. No pressure 2020 , that is the best! When people ask me what are your set out goals for 2020 and how do you want to achieve it ?! My reply is that “I am just going with the flow and it is not that serious”. I said that not because I don’t have goals but because my goals are personal to me! Thank God you are fine, 2020 is the year of goals and living our best life .

    • Rayha Reply

      That’s quite smart, I love Your approach to that. Cheers to the best year yet for us

  3. Kelvin's Diary Reply

    2020 is a year in the calendar of life, either things getter better, remain the way they are or become worse. All this depends on the outcome of our input to the chills of life. So I guess I’ll just flow with the vibes too. Peace out.

  4. Mabel Sontan Reply

    Weldone Rayha, Great read, Worth the time. Have a fantastic year with no pressure. Cheers

  5. For me, I told myself I’m going to be taking more actions than setting goals this year, and I must say, I’ve not done badly so far. I will take it easy when necessary and rest when necessary too. Though this present lockdown has really slowed things down. However, I choose to see the positive side by enjoying it and use this period to finish unfinished projects and stuff like that. I look forward to having a great year no matter what. Have a great year as well. We are coming out strong.

    • Rayha Reply

      Amen.. We’ll sure come out happy. I love your approach to achieving your goals. It’s great!

  6. Though this post was months back it’s relatable because this was the thought in my head a few days back. That it’s okay to just do you and relax when you have to, less burning out as long as there’s no stagnation. So everything said is very apt

  7. Seeing how the first quarter of the year took a 360 on the world makes me realize now more than ever, that we are not in control. It’s only right that we take life slowly and not beat ourselves up for the goals we couldn’t accomplish. Great read! 👌🏽

    • Rayha Reply

      That’s indeed the way to go. Hopefully we come out of it soon

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