It’s the weekend and you’re trying to rest from a long week but you have grocery shopping to do or a meet up, you’re battling with cramps and getting out bed is quite difficult, let alone dressing up.

Personally, I’m not a fan of looking scruffy (I don’t believe there’s anyone out there that’s a fan of that either). But if I got a dollar for all the times I’ve had to cringe at the way people show up looking not so nice, I’d sure be richer than Dangote.. lol!

We all experience down days when we don’t feel like doing anything at all and because of that, having comfortable outfits at your finger tip is really important. On days like this; Culottes, sneakers, jeggins, crop tops, T shirts, kimonos, jeans and a host of others are perfect for me.

Though, they could be quite tricky because there’s a really thin line between getting it right/wrong and of course I don’t want you to be out there in scruffy jeans and a baggy T shirt. So, in this post I styled a few looks that will leave you looking chic on your down days.

Look 1 – Oversized Top, Jeggins, Sneakers, Scarf and Backpack

This look is effortlessly stylish. I love the soft & stretchy nature of jeggings and how well it fits with an oversized top paired with a matching scarf and pair of sneakers. This can be worn for a hang out, to the mall or even to the movies. I love that I’m not doing too much and I still look and feel cool.

Jeggings – A random store, Oversized Top – Thrift, Sneakers – Adidas, Glasses and backpack – Uyai

Look 2 – Kimono, Tank top, Jean

I live for kimonos any day! They’re so breezy, convenient and everything. I love that you can just throw them on and show up anywhere in them… so, yeah! they’re perfect for down days. I styled this particular print kimono with a white tank top and jean. Notice how I matched the bag with the all white and my slippers with the Kimono?…. I know Fashunnn! (Lol) Did I also mention that glasses are a girl’s best friend on days like this? That’s because I’m too lazy for a make up too.

Kimono – Rayha swish, Jeans – H&M, Bag – Chloe, Slippers – Made in Nigeria

Look 3 – Culottes, Top, Mules

Culottes are soft and really comfortable, They give space for your skin to breath. So if you’re thinking of what to wear on that lazy day, keep your culottes close. I paired mine with this long sleeve top, mules and a vintage scarf. I Love the twist detail on the top too. Less they say, is more!

Culottes – Thrift, Mules – Made in Nigeria, Top – A random store, Bag – Alie Express

Look 4 – T shirt, Jean, Mules

T shirts are comfortable, I like that they don’t have to be so fitted to look great (doesn’t mean they should be so baggy too). Pair a T shirt with a nice jean, and brighten it up with a pair of stiletto mules on a lazy day. A little heel don’t hurt nobody. You can show up for a casual meeting in this. My T shirt is a DIY I did a while back, you can check it out here

T shit – DIY by me, Stiletto Mules – Renaissance By Janet, Jean – ASOS

Look 5 – Bodycon gown, Shirt, Sneakers

Bodycon gowns keep you warm and in shape, though the long ones can limit you from doing stuffs like trekking, hopping on one bus/car to another etc… but if you do agree with me, a lazy day is an uber day because no stress. So, yes! to a bodycon gown paired with a sneakers and shirt. I got the shirt from my mum’s wardrobe so I styled it one shoulder off and tied the front to avoid looking like a two year old in a twenty year old’s dress… lol!

Bodycon gown – Thrift, Shirt – My mum’s wardrobe, Sneakers – Vans

What are your thoughts? will you wear any of this on a lazy day? What’s your style like on a lazy day? I’ll like to know in the comment section.

If you read it to this point, Happy Easter! Have a blessed and lovely celebration.

Until my next post,

Stay Stylish!



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