Trends as we all know, come and go. There’s a trend for every season and while it’s important to always keep your style on check, it’s also advisable not to jump on every trend.

You really don’t need to hop on every trend to be that fashionable chick. The essence of this post is for you to take what’s on trend and work with which of them fits your style, you should also think of ways to incorporate them into your existing closet. That way, your creative box comes to play and leaves you standing out in style.

Okay! enough of the formal talk…. lol. There’s so many stuff trending in the fashion world now and so I thought to share my favorites with y’all. Grab your notes because you’re about to learn a thing or two.

My favorite trends of the season

Tie-Dye: This is one retro fashion that’s making a come back and I’m really excited because it’s such a creative way to make designs. Aside from the fact that it soothes my style, I also love that it’s a simple DIY to do and can be styled up or down. So, Yes! to this trend. I’ll be hoping on it and also showing you how to make yours (in a blog post) if you’d like to join me.


Animal Prints: Over the years, prints have been in trend and we’ve been minimal with them but this time around, going bold and mixing them with bright colors is a thing. One thing I love about this trend is that animal prints sit perfectly on any skin tone. Another, has to be the fact you can go all dramatic with your prints while keeping your accessories, makeup, e.t.c minimal and still look beautiful.

Animal Prints

Bows: Gone are the days when children’s clothing are the first that comes to mind when you hear bows. I’ve been following up with Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, New York Fashion week, & a host of others and I see them bows making statement on the runways. They give this beautiful detailing and they’re enough to take that outfit from Zero to hundred. So whether it’s a bow on the waist, bust, back or shoulder region… you’re good to go! I’m definitely going to be trying this out to that event. Just invite me… lol.


Exaggerated hats: Did someone say beach time? (Lol) Hats have always been a trend but I love that the fact this time around its all extra. You’ll agree with me that hats are really good statement pieces and they can be paired with any outfit- suit, dress, overalls, and so many others. So i’ll be giving this extra trend a try.

Exaggerated Hats

Sequin: I can’t remember sequin never being a trend, it has always been around. There’s really not much to say about sequin because it’s glittery nature speaks a lot for itself. It’s perfect for all kinds of occasion and style so if you’re thinking of how to show up for that next event, go the sequin way.


Another trend that’s mind blowing right now is matching your outfits with your accessories, it could be with your head wraps or hats. You can even decide to go Gothic with it if you like. For me, this particular trend is a classic and definitely one to catch up with.

Matching accessories with outfits

That’s it guys. I’d like to know what trends are your favorite and which one you’ll be hoping on in the comment section.

I’d also love to see your pictures if you try them out. Please feel free to tag me here

Until my next post,

Hugs and Rayha kisses.



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