Hello guys, Happy October! ( I hope its not too late… lol)

I can tell y’all missed me, well I missed you even more and that’s why I’m here with some good news. If you’ve gone through my blog before now, you might have noticed that the DIY section was empty. I finally did my first DIY *Drum rolling* and I rocked a skirt again… i’ll be giving my review about that in a post, so expect it.

I got bored with my white T-shirt, I decided to give it a twist and I thought to share with y’all.

Things you’ll need

A T-shirt (any color of your choice)

Spray bottle (with water in it)



UHU Gum (you can use hemming gum too but i prefer UHU, its less stressful)

A handkerchief/piece of fabric

Needle and thread (Optional)

Please watch the video HERE

 Pictures of me in my T-shirt afterwards…

I styled it with my Olive Rayha Swish Skirt, heels and my Christian Dior mini bag.

I wrapped the bag to match my skirt, that’s another DIY on its own… lol

Sitting pretty as always.

Thanks for stopping by, see you in my next post…





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