Hello darlings,

It’s been a while since I was here and i’m sure you’re wondering why a new blog shouldn’t be having posts often. I’ve been caught up with life; been under the weather, fixing Rayha Swish, paying bills, and stuffs (can i just be a baby again? i’m not about this adult life) I’m working towards putting an end to this bad habit, so there’ll be new blog posts more often.

In my last post here i talked about being on a clothing budget and how i’ll be focusing on skirts as they’re not really my thing (maybe because skirt was the dress code in uni that year). Well, I did give it a try, I was amazed and I said to myself “how do you not even like something you’ve not really tried out?”

The mustard was a fabric I got some months ago to make a body-con gown but for some reasons, I didn’t. Stripes have always been a thing for me as I am a huge fan of it. I have had this Rayha Swish stripped criss cross top laying in my wardrobe for a while now and I’ve been unsure of how to style it.  Amidst my musings and worries, I remembered my lovely mustard and thought to just make a skirt; it should be fun, so I did!

The criss cross top has a peplum and mini ball sleeves details.

Body-con skirts are all over the place, so I decided to give mine a twist by making it not so fitted. I’m a conservative dresser but i just had to give it that side slit.

I paired it with my block heel,  bag and of course my accessories (you can tell i’m a fan of silver and diamonds any day)

Photography by David ker – @davidkerjr on instagram

Outfit from Rayha Swish – @rayhaswish on instagram

Bag – Allie express

Shoes – From a regular shoe store

I think i look good in a skirt after all, i should do this again… Expect another blog about skirts guys.

Until my next post.






  1. Queen uyai Reply

    This is beautiful,we are on a wadrobe budget and we still slaying… my chiffon tops focus is going great 👍🏾…keep up the good work

    • Rayha Reply

      Thanks dear, it’s good to know your chiffon top focus is going great. well done!

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